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Type of tools we build:

Identity Protection and Monitoring:

Is a comprehensive service designed to safeguard individuals’ personal information and financial assets in today’s digital landscape. This service offers proactive measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card details, and passwords. It also includes continuous monitoring of credit reports, financial transactions, and online activities to detect any signs of identity theft or fraudulent behavior. With real-time alerts and advanced detection technologies, Identity Protection and Monitoring provide peace of mind by allowing individuals to take immediate action to mitigate risks and prevent potential damages. Additionally, these services often include identity theft insurance to provide financial reimbursement and support in the event of a security breach. Overall, Identity Protection and Monitoring serve as essential tools for individuals seeking to safeguard their identity and financial well-being in an increasingly digital world.

Dark Web Alerts

Is a proactive security service designed to monitor the dark web for any signs of compromised personal information. The dark web is a hidden part of the internet where illegal activities often take place, including the buying and selling of stolen data such as social security numbers, credit card details, and login credentials. Dark Web Alerts continuously scans the dark web for mentions of your personal information and alerts you if any matches are found. By receiving real-time notifications of potential breaches, individuals can take immediate action to protect their identity and financial assets. With Dark Web Alerts, individuals can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and mitigate the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Privacy Protection tools

Encompass a range of solutions aimed at safeguarding individuals’ personal information and digital privacy in an increasingly connected world. These tools offer features such as secure browsing, encrypted communication, and identity masking to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. They also often include ad blockers, tracker blockers, and cookie management features to enhance online privacy and prevent targeted advertising. Additionally, Privacy Protection tools may offer password management functionalities, enabling users to generate and store strong, unique passwords for each online account securely. By empowering individuals to control their digital footprint and protect their personal information, Privacy Protection tools play a crucial role in maintaining privacy and security in the digital age.


Coming soon: Subscription manager

Designed to simplify and streamline the management of recurring subscriptions and memberships. With Subscription Manager, users can easily view, organize, and track their various subscriptions from one centralized platform. Whether it’s streaming services, software licenses, or monthly memberships, this tool provides users with a clear overview of their recurring expenses and billing cycles. Additionally, Subscription Manager may offer features such as subscription tracking, renewal reminders, and budgeting tools to help users stay in control of their finances and avoid unexpected charges. With Subscription Manager, managing subscriptions will be more convenient and hassle-free, allowing users to focus on what matters most.