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Minimize the impact of identity theft for your users. Make sure your users are secure.



Earn loyalty through security

84% of Americans express some level of concern about their personally identifiable information being hacked or stolen.1
Mitigate identity theft for your users today.

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Resolve with confidence

We help you protect users against almost any identity threat.

Build brand loyalty

Over 400 million individuals in the US have already had their data compromised. Offer a private labeled identity protection solution to keep your users safe while deepening customer relationships.

Drive revenue

Offer Identity Protect as a premium product to drive recurring revenue. Easily configure Identity Protect features into tiered plans to encourage upsell opportunities.

Increase customer retention

When companies respond well to fraud events, customers report higher levels of satisfaction.

Why choose Progressive Technologies?

ProtectMyID is your comprehensive solution for safeguarding your identity in today’s digital world. With our advanced monitoring services and proactive alerts, you can rest easy knowing your personal information is secure. Whether it’s monitoring your credit report, scanning the dark web for potential threats, or providing identity theft insurance, we’ve got you covered.

Stay ahead of identity thieves with ProtectMyID!

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